Emergency Shelter & Housing for The Homeless

  • Emergency Shelter Map - Phone a shelter directly to ask how many beds are free and how late you can arrive. If a shelter does not have a bed, staff will guide you to other options.
  • Drop In Centres & Temporary Shelters.
  • Aboriginal Homelessness Outreach Program - This program is for the disproportionate number of Aboriginal peoples who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  The outreach workers come from Aboriginal, community-based organizations.  They are able to connect people and provide services from an Aboriginal perspective.
  • Emergency Shelter Program - Emergency shelters are temporary but immediate places to stay for anyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Homeless Prevention Program - This program provides rent supplements and support services to help access rental housing in the private housing market.

Home Ownership

Independent Social Housing

  • Urban Native Housing Program - This program provides assistance to Aboriginal non-profit organizations and Aboriginal co-op groups who own and operate rental housing projects in urban areas.

Private Market Rental

  • Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) - This program provides financial assistance for home renovations/modifications that help eligible low-income British Columbians with mobility or health issues continue to live in their home.

Rent Assistant in the Private Market

Transitional Supportive & Assisted Living