Statement of Purpose & Responsibility

The Society is committed to ensuring the well-being of employees, outside contractors and building occupants and to this end has developed a comprehensive Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) in order to satisfy these needs with regard to asbestos issues.

The single most important factor in developing this AMP was to ensure that building residents, the Society’s employees and contract workers do not become inadvertently exposed to asbestos fibres. In addition to implementing AMP, employers or building owners must ensure that all friable asbestos-containing materials are either removed from the work space (using procedures similar to those outlined in our manual), or enclosed: for this purpose included withing this plan are Exposure Control Protocols (ECP).


Awareness & Administration

Through the AMP, the Society must ensure all maintenance staff, tenants, and contractors are aware of what asbestos is and the health effects of asbestos exposure, the materials in the buildings that contain asbestos and know to report any damaged to known asbestos-containing materials to the AMP Administrator.


Exposure Control Plan

The ECP is intended to detect, assess and control any potential health hazard caused by the presence of asbestos identified in the building. The primary focus of the plan is to eliminate accidental exposure to asbestos fibres and to ensure the health and safety of both workers and building residents


Safe Work Procedures

Work procedures provide instructions and controls all routine maintenance, alterations, repair or other work activities which may disturb existing asbestos containing materials. These procedures have been prepared for the sole use of the Society staff and any contractors performing low to medium risk activities. Any high risk activities causing disturbance of asbestos containing materials must be completed by a trained and qualified abatement professional



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