AHMA works to build informed dialogues that include all voices to strengthen relationships and develop meaningful policies.  The results are reports and materials that are available to corporate members to use when setting their standards and evaluating their work.
Our Association delivers on governance by:

  • Ensuring our Board of Directors, Executive Leadership and Staff consistently focus on leading by example through policies and professional practices that are fair and transparent. 
  • Ensuring inclusive, accountability and oversight from of our communities through a Good Governance Committee consisting of representatives from our membership.
  • Hosting annual gatherings for our Housing Providers to share, learn and engage together as a community.
  • Ensuring our regular operational reviews of our funding recipients also include evaluation and support services to strengthen their governance and operations. 

To achieve a goal of consistently safe, secure and affordable housing for Aboriginal people across the province, we combine technology and our relationships with our Housing Providers to develop resources that help support the success of their day to day operations, priorities, and ability to provide housing and support services in their communities. 
We've begun by making small efforts such as strengthening Housing Operations policies and procedures and reporting on finance and statistics.

Our Housing Operations team provides support to Aboriginal Housing Providers by:

  • Ensuring our performance exceeds the expectations of the Province as we complete our delegated responsibility to oversee provincial and federal social housing agreements of over 4,000 units managed by over 40 off-reserve Non-Profit Housing Providers in B.C.
  • Ensuring we maintain confidence with the public by distributing over $30 million of annual social housing funding in accordance with existing operating agreements and policies that are fair, transparent and equitable.
  • Continuously engaging with our communities to explore how we can evolve our inherited policies and housing funding models in a way that can embed traditional and cultural practices for our communities and people we serve.
  • Effectively engaging with our Housing Providers throughout the province through dedicated personal interaction and community visits from the AHMA team.
  • Identifying and supporting Housing Providers through challenges to the best of our ability, regardless of the issue; operational, community housing needs, tenant management, research, etc.

From concept to completion, AHMA's role is to assure success and longevity for communities as the one-stop source for strategic asset management and development. Our project management and technical support services are focused on ensuring the physical structure of housing are built, maintained and renewed in a safe, healthy, and secure way. Housing is more than the physical structure; AHMA and our Housing Providers take pride that we provide homes for individuals, families and those in need.  

Our Asset Management team supports Aboriginal Housing Providers by:

To be prepared for the housing and living challenges our members are likely to face as circumstance change, it's important to have quality research that help us make insightful decisions and advocate for new programs.  Through our internal resources and external partnerships, AHMA has access not just to information but a whole approach to advocating, learning, and working to resolved the gaps in the Aboriginal housing sector.

AHMA’s research and program development is continuously ongoing through:

  • Participation in research and advocacy initiatives at provincial and federal levels.
  • Strong active partnership with BC Housing and all their ongoing initiatives.
  • Ongoing expansion of collaboration and partnership with University of British Columbia with a focus on First Nations issues related to housing. 
  • Focused research initiatives based on priorities identifying by our Housing Providers.

AHMA takes a long view for our partner Aboriginal Housing Providers to ensure longevity and sustainability. Only through the continued success and growth of our housing partners can we achieve our shared mandate to provide safe, secure and healthy Aboriginal housing and supports. 

Our Association currently does this by:

  • Supporting Housing Providers to explore new alternative methods to be self-sufficiency and less reliant on government funding.
  • Exploring opportunities to leverage or reprofile existing assets to meet the current needs of the community.
  • Protecting the availability of current housing through strategic asset management.
  • Utilizing our wide reach of partnerships to utilize collective impact to share best practices, develop tools and resources, and imbed culture into our policies.